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The strong divergence between Allan Kardec and Chico Xavier


Officially, Brazilian Spiritism is an innocent adaptation to original Spiritism, just adding the elements from traditional religiousness from the brazilian people.

But it's too much simple to be true. The Brazilian Spiritism is catholicized. And it's not necessary, because there's Catholicism itself, so why we will need another Catholicism if we have one?

But this "spiritism catholicization" is not accidental or innocent, it's not a question about the original enthusiasm from the alleged mediums' catholic roots.

It's so more wicked and harmful than we think. The "catholicization" was made by purpose.

And it brings so much differences about the Brazilian Spiritism and the original Spiritism from France.

The French Spiritism goes forward, inspirated by Illuminism thoughts.

The Brazilian Spiritism goes back, inspirated by jesuitical Catholicism which dominated the Brazil's colonial era, and had medieval roots.

It influences the strong and irreconciliable divergences between the two religions that use the same name of Spiritism.

One divergence is about the relation between the morality and human incarnation.

The French Spiritism says that reincarnation is a process to learn and improve the spirit in his current material life.

The Brazilian Spiritism consider that reincarnation is a process of acquittance and it is compared to the criminal conviction.

The brazilian view about reincarnation, strongly supported by Francisco Candido Xavier (aka Chico Xavier), is a heritage from the influence of Jean-Baptiste Roustaing to brazilian spiritists.

But the worst divergence between french and brazilian spiritists is related to the question of Faith about the Reason.

Allan Kardec always said that everything has to be examined by the sieve of the Reason.

According to him, if something doesn't agree to the Logic is not valid.

The opposite sight had Chico Xavier.

The alleged brazilian medium always defended that it must to have limits to the Reason.

According to Xavier, the Reason cannot do everything, and if the Reason penetrates in the Faith ground, it means that the Reason was perverted by the earthly human passions.

The rigor of Reason doesn't have in Chico Xavier's books, although it's largely supported by Kardec.

There's the hidden conflict.

The original Spiritism defends the unlimited liberty of the Reason, only recommending the use of the logical reasoning in agreement to the ethics and moral principles.

The Brazilian Spiritism doesn't. This religion defends the contrary. The use of Reason is strongly restrict and it can touch the Faith dogmas, under the risk of being considered accursed.

Of course, Brazilian Spiritism preachers, including Chico Xavier himself, always had to make discursive juggles.

They try to deny that they follow medieval teachings, that nobody was born to suffer misfortunes and that Reason has limits to be worked.

But we must to suspect about those brazilian spiritists' declarations, that sounds so dissembler.

There's an unhappy habit from smart brazilians to never assume their real opinions and choices.

They usually make a discourse to deny their real intentions. If they commit a crime, they insist to say that didn't do it.

The ideas are so clear: Brazilian Spiritism preaches the restriction to Reason and Logic and defends the "empire" of the Faith.

The brazilian religion constantly says that "there's something will must to remain in mistery, because it got rid (sic) of the human comprehensions".

It means: "we don't want to see some Faith dogmas, followed by our Spiritism, examinated and questionated under the principle of Reason and Logic. Let remain it without any kind of examination".

It has a strong influence from Middle Age's Catholicism, famously known for its obscurantism and refuse to Reason and Logic examinations.

And if everyone thinks that the Brazilian Spiritism is more modern than the French one, he was severely wrong.

Kardec's ideas are so modern and contemporary, because, despite any consideration for the value about emotion feelings, fantasies and beliefs, nothing can be valid outside the Logic and the Reason.

Please, be patient. Human being is a rational animal species, the primordial task to the humans is to use the reasoning.

Very outdated are Chico Xavier's ideas, because he always put under the rug the mistery of Faith and afterwards he essentially said: "Let's keep it under the Faith's principles, the Reason intervention must to be considered as a cruel job from the human passions".

The ideas from Chico Xavier was very close to the Middle Age's obscurantism and it was proved by comparisons.

But there's a horrible habit in Brazil: new concepts only serve to be a superficial frontage to old-fashioned concepts remained under them.

And Brazilian Spiritism proves that it's only a repaginated form of Middle Age's Catholicism, on behalf of its severe punitive moralism about the incarnation and the limits to the Reason's proceeding.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Blessed by Brazilian Spiritists, Prosecutors from Operation Car Wash are involved in big scandal

The very huge scandal is happening in Brazil.

Since last sunday night, when The Intercept's main correspondent in Brazil, the best-reputed journalist Glenn Greenwald, published the secret conversation between the former judge Sergio Moro and the attorney Deltan Dallagnol, everything became inside out in Brazil.

The secret conversation is just 1% of the very massive material received by Greenwald, send by anonymous informant.

Greenwald is publishing the news very slowly, little by little, because he must to check the informations and verify the content of audios, chats and other documents.

But the published part is very bombastic.

Moro and Dallagnol negociated the ways to avoid the win of Workers Party (PT) in a second-term from the presidential run in 2018.

Both are known as the pretense heroes from Brazil, adored by conservative parts of the Brazilian society.

Sergio Moro, currently the Justice minister from Jair Bolsonaro's government, was a judge from Curitiba.

Curiously, Moro resembles a hillbilly doppelganger of the fictitious character Clark Kent, the normal-life identity adopted by Superman.

It was remembered when, in may 26th, Bolsonaro's supporters marched in Brasilia and there was a puppet of the Superman with Sergio Moro's face.

Deltan Dallagnol, in his run, is the attorney from Federal Public Ministry in Curitiba.

Dallagnol was famous by his mediocre exposition of alleged crimes about the former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, accused by corruption acts without any kind of evidences.

The exposition showed a grotesque scheme of explanations in a graphic related to the keyword Lula, produced by Dallagnol via Microsoft Power Point.

Moro and Dallagnol were mythically considered impartial magistrates, involved in the pretense "fight to the corruption".

They were divinized by this alleged job, despite their selective punishment pattern, dedicated to condemn only the PT politicians and the other parties politicians and some businessmen associated to the former Lula and Dilma Rousseff's governments.

It included politicians like Sergio Cabral Filho - son of a famous journalist, specialist from Rio de Janeiro culture - , former governor of Rio de Janeiro State, and other parliamentaries from parties like MDB (Democratic Movement Party, formerly PMDB) and PP (Progressist Party).

The condemned people also included the historical former student leader, Jose Dirceu (arrested in 1968 during a congress of the National Students Union, UNE) one of the main PT politicians and member of the Lula's first government's staff.

Laterly, the Operation Car Wash decided to also condemn the center-right politicians, like the former deputy Eduardo Cunha, committed to plan the coup that ended the second Dilma's government.

Left-wing media considered very partial and selective the Moro and Dallagnol's tasks.

There's a famous case that the center-right politician, Aecio Neves (Tancredo Neves' grandson), one of the "toucan" politicians (the Brazilian Social Democratic Party, PSDB, has a blue toucan as its symbol), was always avoid to be punished, despite the evidences.

In one of the corruption schemes from Aecio Neves, involving the state company Furnas Centrais Eletricas, one of the beneficiaries listed (the famous "Furnas' list") is the current Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro.

No strong investigation went ahead to comdemn the Furnas's list involved people.

And what's Brazilian Spiritism has to see about Sergio Moro and Deltan Dallagnol.

It's simple. The 2016 events were glorified by brazilian spiritists, considering it as the time of deep transformation head to they believe to be the Regeneration of the Humanity and the path to Gospel's Nation wished by Francisco Candido Xavier (aka Chico Xavier).

The Brazilian Spiritists considered the 2016's right-wing marchs as the start of the Regeneration. The marchs of "Fora Dilma" ("Get Out Dilma") were considered by Brazilian Spiritism as a people claim inspired by Good Spirits' advices.

Sergio Moro was considered by the celebrated alleged medium Divaldo Franco (famous by his speechs around the world) as a man intuited by the "Superior Divine Plan".

Divaldo Franco confessed, in a "spiritist congress" in Goiania, february of 2018, that wished to see Sergio Moro as the president of Brazil. In this event, Franco expressed his repudiation to marxism, Workers' Party legacy and the identitary activism as the LGBTT cause.

It remembered Chico Xavier, when, in the Pinga Fogo show, from Tupi Television (TV Tupi), 1971, he made severe comments against the workers, peasants and homeless movements. In that show, Chico also defended the Brazil's dictatorship.

In the same way to Regina Duarte (brazilian actress formerly known as "Brazil's cute girlfriend" and currently a extreme-wing activist), Chico Xavier had strong fear to see Lula being elected president of Brazil.

Despite this, some sectors of leftist activisms ingenuously glorified Chico Xavier, based by his alleged reputation about philanthropy and pacifism.

They have difficult to admit that Chico Xavier was always a right-wing activist, the fact explicitally proved by his ideas about human suffering and his social roots beliefs.

Probably, Chico Xavier would support Sergio Moro and consider him the "hero of the brazilians", a "simple man working against the long-time corruption and intuited by God's determinations".

Chico Xavier also would support Jair Bolsonaro, "a politician far to be the ideal, but necessary to endure some sacrifices in Brazil, the exact governor to the start the path to Gospel's Nation".

And Brazilian Spiritism cannot explain the ruin of all these events, and the members of this religion prefer to get rid of any responsibility about it.

Some brazilian spiritists get irritated when informated that Chico Xavier would support Jair Bolsonaro's presidential campaing.

They must to see Pinga Fogo show, avaliable in YouTube, and pay attention to Chico Xavier's ideas about human suffering, social hierarchy and religious faith, the ones that are extremely conservative.

There's not the grumpy wig and suit used by Chico Xavier in seventies that will make him a progressist symbol to the posterity.

If the strong Regina Duarte's brunette beauty and the young appeal of Sergio Moro and Deltan Dallagnol don't make them so progressive, what can we wait about the old-fashioned dude from Pedro Leopoldo city?

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Allan Kardec will refuse surely the "prophecy of the limit-date" by Chico Xavier

There's not necessary to think so much to consider that alleged prophecy of the "limit-date" is a bigger waste of time.

The pretense prediction, send by Francisco Candido Xavier, aka Chico Xavier, is a lot of mystification masked by less-convincing pseudoscientific rhetoric.

According to the alleged prophecy, the Old World (Europe and USA) had a deadline to develop christian principles to the humankind, or tragedies will happen by Nature or human terrorism.

The alleged prophecy was dreamt by Chico Xavier in 1969, but he told the young Geraldo Lemos Neto about it in 1986.

Chico Xavier thought that aliens would replace the collective deaths of valuable people by several catastrophes and terror attacks.

That's a real absurd that loses so much time with unnecessary discussions and worthless videos published in YouTube and other social media servers.

The detail that so few people can know about is that this "prophecy" will be severely refused by nobody than Allan Kardec himself.

In various excerpts of his books and Revue Spirite's articles, Kardec condemned the attribution to predict defined dates to future happenings.

One example can be recognized in The Book of Mediums, Chapter 24, "The Identity of the Spirits", when a message from the spirit of St. Louis, corroborated by Kardec, says so explicitally in the item 266 and subitem 8th:

"8º) The frivolous Spirits are so recognized by their facility for how they predict the future and refer it with very precision to material facts we cannot know. The good Spirits wan make us to presage the future things, when this knowledge goes useful, but they never determinate the exact dates. Every announcement about the certain time is the evidence of mystification".

In few words, Kardec pushed down any chance to consider Chico Xavier's "limit-date" as an authentic prediction. The mystification is very clear on it.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

The wrong idea about the "internal enemies" to the Spiritism

CHICO XAVIER AND DIVALDO FRANCO - So much people consider so "painful" to consider then "internal enemies" to the Spiritism, but their ideas confirm it.

How can be a "internal enemy"?

In Brazil, "internal enemy" has a wrong point of view and a stereotype that seems so gander.

Most of people think that the enemy is a silent creepy guy, who sits backside of some room and he never goes to the front of some reunion.

To them, the "internal enemy" almost never smiles and has always a dark look, like a horror movie vilain.

The "internal enemy" stereotype is never associated to cheerful guys being so kind and friendly.

We have to make a difference between true and false friends.

They have the same behavior, but the true friends didn't have tricks hidden against their victims and the false friend have it, however.

There's subtle differences. The true friend is discreet and sincere, the false friend shows fussy affection.

Brazilian people reffuse to recognize "internal enemies" as malicious people who smiles and laughs and goes to the front of the reunions.

It brought a lot of problems and made the bullying in the schools and colleges being so succesful.

The scholar bullies are socially accepted as "funny guys" and nobody saw any tragedy nor any serious drama from their strong humiliations against the weak youngsters.

In Brazil, "internal enemy" is a great novelty that so few people can understand so mindfully.

And it's hard to mention the question about the Spiritism's "internal enemies" from Allan Kardec's books.

Kardec mentioned that "the worst enemy of the Spitirist Doctrine is not the one outside, but inside the movement".

"He will send some appeals about Charity, Love, God and Fraternity to illude and dominate them", said the Kardec's teachings in the resume.

The first "internal enemy" was Jean-Baptiste Roustaing, a lawyer from Bordeaux, France, who published an alleged psychographic book, The Four Gospels, attributed to the Four Godspellers Mark, Matthew, Lucas and John.

The "internal enemy" to Spiritism is defined to the one using the Spiritist Doctrine to insert fanciful and catholicized axioms, perverting the original Kardec's discoveries.

When the Spiritism is deviated from the path to Logic and Good Sense, there's an "internal enemy" working for it.

In Brazil, the "internal enemies" to Spiritism are, surely, the alleged mediums Francisco Candido Xavier (aka Chico Xavier) and Divaldo Franco.

They seemed so kind, so generous, so positive and so friendly. But they always were false to be attributed to best symbols of humanity and humility.

They leaded the reunions, they published best-selled books, they went to the front of the spetacle.

They're so celebrated religious idols in Brazil, but their work to Spiritism were so insidious.

Their books and testimonies are several ruptures to the original spiritist lessons.

But the brazilians usually say that the definition to Chico and Divaldo as "internal enemies" of the Spiritism is "so cruel" and "so painful".

They think they're associated to very comfortable appeals about "love", "charity" and "fraternity". They're considered, although ingenuously, the "messengers of the Peace".

But they're not the lovely things they think they're associated to.

Chico Xavier and Divaldo Franco led to the ultimate consequences the "catholicization of Spiritism" started by Roustaing.

They made a bad job, but they were so skillful to use the mask of "humanism" to armour them.

People in Brazil have difficult to see hideous tricks behind the sweet and nice messages allegedly so christian.

But the worst traps are that show the most attractive appeals, including the religious beautiful appeals.

Brazilians must to be so careful about the pretentious religious idols, which have honey in their mouths.

They should be so dangerous, using the lovely words to make cruel mystification.

The kardecian books prevented that, but brazilian people were so deaf.

Obsessive fascination, unfortunately, found in Brazil the fertile ground to dominate people. How people would be so ingenuous to the religion passions...

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Why Brittany Murphy's alleged spiritual messages are reportedly fake?


So much people was noticed about the alleged messages attributed to the spirit of the late actress Brittany Murphy.

She died at December 20 2009, sunday morning, being only 32 years-old.

Brittany was known by movies like Clueless, Just Married, Uptown Girls, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Sin City, and she was also a singer and voice actress, famous by her acting voice to King of the Hill animated series.

Apparently, her early death is a unsolved mistery, but the clues (what the irony) sent by The Hollywood Reporter story bring keys about the falsehood of her alleged spiritual messages sent by supposed psychographies.

Why the psychographies are so false? Because they always were guided by the sensationalist sight about Brittany Murphy exhaustively explored by the yellow press.

The Hollywood Reporter story about Brittany's last days of life and the aftermath involving her husband, british screenwriter Simon Monjack, says so much about the falsehood.

First, the story indicates that Brittany should have been poisoned. In 2013, her father Angelo Benedotti, aka A. J., said that should be killed by poisoning by a "third part".

We don't believe so much. There's other clue: Simon was a cocaine addicted (Brittany wasn't; he insisted to affirm, several times, that she wasn't a drug addicted) and he was indebted to drug dealers.

Simon also had two children, each one from his previous relationships with former girlfriends. He was using Brittany's money account to take money to sustain them.

Simon, desperately, wished to get Brittany Murphy's heritage and, in a night, he made sex and sleeped with his mother-in-law, Brittany's mother Sharon Murphy.

Simon harassed Sharon to convince her to include him in her daughter's alleged testament.

Evidences suggest that Simon killed Brittany. He died some months after, in May 23 2010, by the same way Brittany Murphy died, for rat poison dumped into a glass of water.

There's reports about Brittany's half-brothers declaring to be so furious to Simon, and the english screenwriter had his personal computer arrested to police experts to be examined.

One of Brittany's siblings (she had a sister and two half-brothers), her brother, has said that he didn't seem her personally since 2001 and he claimed he was revolted for her death.

So scared, Simon Monjack should be killed himself, being only 40 years-old in his death day.

Brittany's alleged spiritual messages don't match the reality.

In the spiritual messages, we see a "Brittany Murphy" prisioned to her own tragedy, as she was being the hostage of her own death.

Brittany Murphy, probably, got rid of the United States, scared and troubled about her life's ending.

She should be the first person who was tired to listen "RIP Brittany" every single moment.

The "RIP Brittany" is a very-exhaustively diffused expression that there's a gag that suggests to Brittany's changing name to Rippany Murphy.

When Brittany died, she probably was immediately split from Simon Monjack. Evidences indicates that Brittany and Simon had strong feud in her final couple of weeks.

Simon had serious problems. In the couple's last travel, going to Puerto Rico because Brittany had to meet The Caller's movie producers to negotiate her hole in this suspense movie, Simon was seen very drunk and with scandalous behaviour.

In the travel back to USA, Simon almost died by a heart attack, but he should be cured of that.

That's the secret reason about the reffuse to Brittany get a main role in The Caller, given to Rachelle Levefre: the scandal made by Simon when he was drunk in Puerto Rico.

Officially, Brittany was reffused to play the movie for "artistic differences" between her and The Caller's producers.

Simon's bad fame - in England, he was arrested by financial default - influenced to Brittany get losing some roles in Thinkerbell 2008 movie and Happy Feet 2

The two annimated flicks, which would have Brittany as a voice actress playing the role of Thinkerbell and reprising her Gloria role in Happy Feet 2006 movie, wouldn't accept a problematic actress to be voicing in films dedicated to the child audience.

The Simon Monjack's personal curriculum would made Brittany to be a bad example to the worldwide children, according to the two movies producers.

Spiritual messages attributed to Brittany Murphy, besides not bringing those informations, was sent against the Allan Kardec's teachings.

The Universal Control of Spirits Teachings recommend to check a spiritual message asking to different mediums, living so far between themselves and got no relationship about them, to call the spirit manifestation.

At least one text is released by these three sources. But we have to check, afterwards, if the message has not strong divergences one to others.

Kardec says it's very hard to recognize some authenticity about an alleged spiritual message.

He adviced that we can check if the message is very close to the spirit have being in life.

It's a very hard job, but ingenuous people accept any message attributed to the dead, especially in Brazil, when the "dead person's message" is not vinculated to the real personal aspects, but to the nice content it can bring to the living public.

Brazil was capable to accept, even officially, the Humberto de Campos' fake messages as "authentic", because they brought "christian messages".

The USA is not too ingenuous as Brazil, but cases like Brittany Murphy was so usual.

There's yellow press and gossip industry to feed sensationalism under the pretended "dead person's messages" produced.

And the american alleged mediums has no the great and unbreakable reputation the brazilian alleged mediums like Francisco Candido Xavier (aka Chico Xavier) still have.

However, the case involving Brittany is very serious and worrisome, although involving paranormalists with so much less reputation if compared to the celebrated brazilian alleged mediums.

That's because, depending or not to the reputation, is a frivolous appropriation from a dead individual, with the intention to produce sensationalism, to make people impressed and make fame, money or power to the alleged paranormalists that make this sad job.

And it happens without any possibility to make a serious research about the spirits manifestation.

If it's a strong problem in America, it is very worst in Brazil.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Brazilian Spiritism and the "mediums owners of the dead"

In the USA, alleged messages attributed to the late actress Brittany Murphy - one of the Clueless movie stars - were published.

They're reportedly false, because the content was submitted to the sensationalist sight about her tragedy and made her a prisioner and hostage of her own death, ocurred in 20th december 2009.

The content mention an alleged Brittany Murphy that should be only a "girl who just died" and attached to her routine with her husband, british screenwriter and producer Simon Monjack, dead some months after her.

Alleged psychographies are made everywhere, being fake spiritual messages produced to cause sensationalism and call attention by the people.

But in Brazil it has a surrealistic component.

The alleged brazilian mediums works as they're wishing to be the "owners of the dead".

There's an specific "medium" to a dead personality.

The brazilian rocker Raul Seixas, for example, is "owned" by alleged medium and radio speaker Nelson Moraes, who put the "Zilio" codename to avoid law problems.

Zilio is a character that supposedly send two books: Um Roqueiro no Além (A Rocker After Death) and Há Dez Mil Anos (In Ten Thousand Years Ago).

Zilio doesn't remind the original Raul Seixas' personality, specially in his late years.

Raul Seixas left behind his mysticism, and became to be a ceptic man about the course was taken to Brazil in the end of 1980s.

It's not hard to understand.

Let's listen "Rock'n'Roll" song, co-written and performed with Marcelo Nova, singer and musician famous to be the Camisa de Venus frontman.

Raul was very ironic in that song, showing his corrosive humor against Bossa Nova, hippies and punks and comparing brazilian forro singer Genival Lacerda to Jerry Lee Lewis.

The "spirit" is very different, under the Zilio's codename.

Zilio is a silly regretful rocker that's excessive moralist and brings strange advices like "fight the enemy inside yourself", that Raul Seixas would never say or write.

There's other examples, and Francisco Candido Xavier (aka Chico Xavier) was a pioneer.

Chico Xavier was the pretense "owner" of Humberto de Campos legacy, although the alleged medium should have to adopt the codename "Irmao X" (Brother X) to avoid law complications.

Chico "owned" other authors like the originally non-famous Irma de Castro Rocha - a prematurely dead woman known by her codename "Meimei" - and Jair Present (an also early died engineer and college student), and also the ficticional Andre Luiz.

After Chico Xavier, Zibia Gasparetto "owned" the famous dramaturgist and TV presenter Silveira Sampaio, a popular star from the early-1960's brazilian television.

Divaldo Franco "owned" Joana Angelica, using the codename "Joanna de Angelis". Evidences prove that Joana Angelica's spirit had not worked to Divaldo, and "Joanna" would be the spirit of his obsessor, known just for the name "Mascara de Ferro" (Iron Mask).

A lot of examples used the common names from "non-famous spirits", to avoid law complications for the reason that the alleged mediums had not too popular as Chico Xavier.

The "owner of the dead" tendence goes against the teachings brought by Allan Kardec's legacy.

In The Gospel According to Spiritism, Kardec published, in its first pages, the Universal Control of the Teachings of the Spirits.

The UCTS recommend to check every message allegedly brought by post-grave spirits.

First, the messages must to be given by different mediums, without any relation between themselves and living so far one to others.

The following step is to check that the different messages have the content that would never show a simple contradiction.

The similarity from the messages is not enough, having a small difference that ruined any evidence of probable authenticity.

The extreme mysticism of Zilio is a strong contradiction about the alleged psychography attributed to Raul Seixas.

And the similarity is very grotesque: it reminds to an old mysticism Raul had in the 1970s and make him famous for the songs about it, like "Gita", "Tente Outra Vez", "Há Dez Mil Anos Atrás", "Sociedade Alternativa" and "Prelúdio".

In all the 1980s, Raul Seixas left behind his mysticism, and tried to retake his rock'n'roll roots.

To recognize spiritual messages is very complicated and hard, but in Brazil it became the spree of living people pretending to write messages from the dead.

People accepted comfortably and without questionate every message alleged to a spirit of the dead.

If it brought christian messages - like "Let's pray and unite to the peace with Jesus" - , everybody accepts submissively and without a little bit of mistrust.

It's horrible. People ignored that the original spirits cannot communicate to us, and living people is that really are playing of the dead.

Chico Xavier started the spree, with his self-minded "psychographies".

And that's sad and worrisome that everybody thinks that Spiritism is correctly followed in Brazil. The mistakes are too serious and clear, but nobody is afraid to denunciate it.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Brazilian movie shows a wrong view of Spiritism and Allan Kardec

We must to be careful about Kardec - The Movie (Kardec - O Filme).

This production, directed by Wagner de Assis, is driven by the habitual misrepresentation the Spiritism has in Brazil.

Brazilian Spiritism is a joint of the wheat and the chaff, a mixture of Roustaing's inherited dogmas by Francisco Candido Xavier (aka Chico Xavier) and some Kardec's original lessons.

It's a religious lure, that pretend to be rational but is very emotionally dogmatist.

It's not necessary to point a lot of mistakes about the movie, which has the talented actor Leonardo Medeiros in the role of Lyon's pedagogue Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail, aka Allan Kardec.

The director designed to this task, Wagner de Assis, directed Our Home (Nosso Lar), based in a non admitted fictional city from the alleged spiritual world.

It says so much about the impossibility to Kardec - The Movie bring a real approach about the life of Allan Kardec.

This movie also brings a narrative from Rede Globo's soap operas and it harms any chance to realism.

The manichaeism about Catholicism versus Spiritism doesn't help it but complicates the movie very much.

The Brazilian Spiritism is hidden by this approach about Kardec's life, based on brazilian writer Marcel Souto Maior's book, Kardec.

Souto Maior also written a biography of Chico Xavier, that inspired another movie with the late Nelson Xavier playing the title role.

It means that Brazilian Spiritism is very catholicized to get serious the manichaeism about catholics and spiritists.

The Brazilian Spiritism content is very catholic and it makes us to think if "spiritists" want to be "more catholic" than the catholic themselves.

The biographic movie about Allan Kardec can be a collection of half-truths, a very constant habit made by brazilian spiritists.

They say they support the Knowledge principles, but since Chico Xavier the Knowledge is condemned when the critical sense is very deep and strong.

Chico Xavier always preferred the Faith over the Reason, and called "toxic of intellectualism" the practice to develop the Reason that threatens the Faith's axioms.

It's very contrary to Kardec's recommendations, because de french pedagogue always stimulated the critical sense, always inside the principles of Logic and Good Sense.

The real spiritists, that are so far to be influenced by Chico Xavier's catholic beliefs into Brazilian Spiritism, don't need to see Kardec - The Movie.

Don't spend the money to get a ticket to see it or buy a DVD version of it.

Kardec - The Movie must to be forgotten by most of Kardec's followers and the ones to see the movie must to watch it with very critical sense.

We must to be conscient that Kardec - The Movie will show a wrong view of Spiritism and, especially, its Codificator. It's a work by catholicized Brazilian Spiritism.